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Airbnb / Booking Management

Get 20% More Sales On Your Property

We've become experts in the short, medium, and long-term property rental management industry. We're efficient to the point of increasing your property income and get 70 to 100% occupancy rate during economic crisis. According to our customers and the official Airbnb data (see video), our sales are way above the industry average. Our success secret is partnering with national tourism organizations, an aggressive pricing strategy, and a team that evaluates your property in terms of positioning, home decor, and presentation to maximize your investment.

Our Managed Properties Occupancy Rate (2020-2021)

Above 75% occupancy rate on Airbnb alone alone (we work with more online platforms and partners)


We have two great advantages over our competition. We have an unbeatable and fierce price strategy that gets you more revenue and extended experience with travelers' needs that will improve their overall experience when visiting your property


Price Setting

We get you more sales on Airbnb and Booking. We get you above 65% occupancy rate for the ENTIRE YEAR.


Hassle-Free Short-Term Rental Management

We're known for taking care of everything while you relax. Never have to worry about cleaning, guest communication, or check-ins. You'll get none of the work and all the advantages.


Above Average Property Income

We have an amazing team deeply researching your property specifications, area, competition, competitive advantage, and setting prices daily so you may get above market average revenue (15 to 40% more).

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What We Do

Online Management

Creating an ad for your property, ad serving on platforms, constant market analysis, dynamic pricing, reservation management, guest communication 18/7, guest invoicing, obligatory sent of data to SEF (Foreign Service and borders), digital marketing, monthly reservations reports.


Pre-check-in quality examination, guest welcoming, tourism Information, key management.


Cleaning of all surfaces, interior and exterior spaces.


Washing of Bedsheets, towels and other apartment clothes.


Replacement of bathroom and kitchen supplies.

Welcome Gift

A small gift to improve the guest experience.

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Years in Business
Happy Guests on our customer's properties
Average/year. our customers earn up to 6000€ more yearly for using our service
24 hours/day, 7 days/week. We provide continuous and close customer service to your property guests
Extra Services
Short/mid/long term services unrelated to the reservation service (when requested by the property owner) 10€/hour
Timelystay tax for outsourced services requested outside booking platforms (Airbnb, Booking, etc) 12%
Post-construction cleaning (Plus 15€ for each bedroom or outside area) 50€
Minimum amount per service unrelated to the reservation service 20€
Minimum amount per service unrelated to the reservation service, when specialized technician intervention is required (plumbing, electrician, other specialized repairs). 60€

Prices are subject to VAT at the legal rate. Whenever applicable, material and equipment costs are added.


Would you like to maximize booking sales for your property?

Contact us today to learn more and increase your property's occupancy rate hassle-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a local accommodation management service where the property owner doesn't have to do anything?

Yes, the total TimelyStay service is designed to ensure that owners do not have to worry about the innumerable processes inherent in the management of hosting services. The service includes everything necessary for your guests and your property to be completely managed by us. All this for only 30%.

How does your fee work?

Other companies may advertise 20 or 25% commission and that amount to the total of the reservation, have little flexibility in the fitting of hours, or hidden costs. Our arithmetic is simple, more advantageous for the owner than the competition, and with more services incorporated. Contact us to find out more. The fee is obtained from the amount actually received from the platforms or partner companies. This means that our rates may seem high, but they actually benefit the owner with an increase in earnings. For the example of a reservation of 100 euros, on a platform that covers 15%, VAT (6%) is removed at 100E, which totals 94.34. If you have TimelyStay with everything included, for a booking of € 100, our commission is € 28.30.

Are there any hidden fees or extra payments required?

There are no extra charges to be made in relation to the normal pre-service process, during, and after the guest's stay. We have other extra services like repairs, emergencies related to the property, and extraordinary cases not related to the local accommodation service and the guest's stay. The hourly price for these complementary services is € 10 + VAT / hour.

Do you have offices in Lisbon?

Yes, if you prefer, you can visit us during our office hours.

What documents are needed to register the local accommodation with the competent authorities?

Copy of Citizen Card of the holder. Simple copy of building booklet. Copy of declaration of commencement of activity. Copy of civil liability insurance. Authorization for use (old housing license).

What does the decoration service include?

The decoration service includes a survey of the requirements and specifics of the space to suit the best option of furniture and decorative elements. The final product is a detailed list of everything needed for your property to be ready to receive guests.

Does the decoration service include the assembly of equipment and furniture on the property?

No, the assembly of equipment and furniture service costs 600 € (VAT included) for a one-bedroom apartment and 100 € (VAT included) for each room or outdoor space.

I am a real estate investor. Can you manage my properties?

Yes, we work with several national and international real estate investors who entrust their properties to us to maximize the return on investment.

I am a real estate investor. Can you manage my properties with long term leases?

Yes, we also manage long term, short term, and mixed leases


Rental sales of your property coming from our sales team or by guests reaching us through our website or other contacts are charged a 6% commission for reservation.

Is this an adequate service for real-estate investors looking to have their properties managed in Portugal?

Yes, our main focus is maximizing rental sales on your property. We can manage your property for long, short, and mixed stays. We are known for swift adaptation to changing market conditions to maximize your return on investment.

Other Services


Condominium Management

Condominium administration with transparency and responsibility. We provide administrative, maintenance and security services.

Fixed Rental Income

We help property owners maximize their rental income with ease.


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