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Condominium Management

Condominium administration with transparency and responsibility. We provide administrative, maintenance and security services.

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What We Do

General Administration of the Condominium
  • Convening of shareholders' meetings
  • Constitution of the Condominium including registration of the condominium in the R.N.P.C. (entity card equivalent to a legal person)
  • Execution of the resolutions of the shareholders' meetings
  • Provision of minutes for delegation of powers of representation in joint-owners' assemblies
  • Attendance at shareholder meetings and writing minutes of shareholder meetings
  • Verification of the existence and contracting of mandatory insurance by law
  • Sending the Minutes to all owners
  • Completion and delivery of declarations for social security referring to workers assigned to the condominium
  • Submission of discriminatory statements to fill in Mod.3 of the IRS (quotas or property income)
  • Representation of the condominium before third parties
  • Signing of contracts with companies or self-employed professionals who provide services to the condominium and monitoring their quality
  • Technical visits every 3 weeks
  • Visits and meetings with internal delegates when deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the Condominium
  • Preparation of ordinary and extraordinary budgets and maps of quotas
  • Issuance of collection notices, receipts of quotas and payment of condominium expenses
  • Online access in the Clients area to monitor your condominium, contact the administration via email to report occurrences
  • Bank account management where all financial movements of the condominium are carried out. Management of current and term bank accounts and condominium savings and Common Reserve Fund
  • Presentation at the end of each financial year of an accounting report
  • Presentation of a proposal for a condominium regulation and Information and zeal in complying with safety rules
  • Request for periodic inspection of elevators, gas and electricity column, fire, etc.
  • Support in the collection of debts from tenants through solicitor and lawyer
  • Regular office expenses (except CTT records)
  • Lease management of "Casa de Porteira"
Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Coordination and supervision of maintenance and repair activities for condominium equipment and facilities
  • Conducting periodic inspections and implementing preventive maintenance plans
  • Hiring specialized companies to carry out maintenance and repair services
  • Management of emergencies such as water leaks, electrical failures, etc.
Security Services
  • Hiring security companies to monitor the building
  • Installation and maintenance of security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarms

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Amount of Fractions Price per Fraction
Up to 10 fractions 14.90 €
between 11 e 20 12.90 €
between 21 e 40 10.90 €
between 41 e 66 9.90 €
Greater than 67 fractions Contact Us

Prices are subject to VAT at the legal rate. Whenever applicable, material and equipment costs are added.

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