Get 20% More Sales On Your Airbnb Property

We've become experts in the short-term rental management industry. We're efficient to the point of managing your property with a 20% above-average occupancy rate. According to our customers' track record and official Airbnb data, we can get you 2350€ average/year more than our competitors. That's an extra income you can use for a vacation, or whatever you want.

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*With an average of 780 clients every year, we're qualified to take care of the guests visiting your property..


We have two great advantages over our competition. We have an unbeatable and fierce price strategy that gets you more revenue and extended experience with travelers' needs that will improve their overall experience when visiting your property

Price Setting

We get you more sales on Airbnb and Booking. We get you above 65% occupancy rate for the ENTIRE YEAR.

Hassle-Free Short-Term Rental Management

We're known for taking care of everything while you relax. Never have to worry about cleaning, guest communication, or check-ins. You'll get none of the work and all the advantages.

Above Average Property Income

We have an amazing team deeply researching your property specifications, area, competition, competitive advantage, and setting prices daily so you may get above market average revenue (15 to 40% more).

Years in Business

Happy Guests on our customer's properties

average/year is how much more our customers earn for using our service(1500€ -3200€)

Open days / Year

14 hours/day, 7 days/week. We provide continuous and close customer service to your property guests

Some Properties We Manage

We make sure your property is ready to welcome bests so they have the best possible experience.

What We Do


Online Management

Creating an ad for your property, ad serving on platforms, constant market analysis, dynamic pricing, reservation management, guest communication 18/7, guest invoicing, obligatory sent of data to SEF (Foreign Service and borders), digital marketing, monthly reservations reports.


Pre-check-in quality examination, guest welcoming, tourism Information, key management.


Cleaning of all surfaces, interior and exterior spaces.


Washing of Bedsheets, towels and other apartment clothes.


Replacement of bathroom and kitchen supplies.

Welcome Gift

A small gift to improve the guest experience.