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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much can I earn by renting my property with TimelyStay?

Most properties selling short-term rentals make a profit of at least 4000€/yearly (with property management expenses and taxes included).

Profits can easily reach 9000€ or 19000€ early, taking into account the quality and location of your property.

What are the main short-term renting advantages for a property owner?

  • You can use your property whenever you need it. Do you need your property from time to time to take a vacation, invite family or friends? Just close the days you want and enjoy your property.
  • Worried about tenants who fail to pay the rent? That never happens in short-term renting because customers pay in advance.
  • With short-term renting you're not tied to long-term contracts or local laws preventing you from canceling contracts with tenants.

Why should I choose TimelyStay to manage my property?

  • We have years of experience in the short-term renting market in Portugal. We know how the local renting market works and we're willing to improve to provide the best rental management service in Portugal.
  • We're focused on providing the best possible service to guests and property owners. We have vertical know-how ranging from the latest decoration trends, cleaning, accounting, and guest communication to provide for the very best experience possible for all.
  • We're a one-stop shop for everything you need so you don't have to deal with managing your property on an operational level, allowing us to handle the whole thing while you wait for profits to enter your bank account. We're also a pay-for-what-you-use rental management service, so you can hire the services you really need.

Special Services

Help Me Find a Room or Apartment (Rent)

We'll do our best to find you a room or apartment according to your specifications. Learn more at Find me a room or apartment.

Decoration service that suits your customers.

We help ensure that your property provides the best rental service with the latest trends in renovation and decoration, and tailored to the needs of its guests. Learn more at Serviço de Decoração.